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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pig Party at Flora Farm

I was honored to inaugurate the new Barn at Flora Farm with an 80th Birthday dinner for 60.  This was the info I got when we started planning.  French Pig Roast, masculine.  Pina and I had so much fun coming up with a design for the dinner and had a fabulous mock set up a few weeks ago.   Thank you for the beautiful floral boxes, they were perfect!  I pulled in the finishing details with cute hand cut pig place cards and butcher pigs with french table numbers.

I am obsessed with the big tree in the mango grove,  I seriously want to live in that tree.  I set this up as the cocktail/lounge/bar area.  I love my boys at Flora Farm, they are without the doubt the BEST!    The eclectic lounge fit perfect and I loved the bar set up!  Pina's lanterns were the perfect touch for ambiance in the surrounding areas.  Thank you Pina for always wanting to have fun.  Love you.

Oh and how cute are the muslin bags I ordered on Etsy!  So Adorable.

This new Mango Grove space at Flora Farm is spectacular.  I look forward to doing many more events here.

Enjoy my pics from Instagram.

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