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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jacquelyn and Anthony

Today is Jacquelyn and Anthony's 1 year Anniversary, CONGRATS!  They had a beautiful wedding at the Hotel El Encanto Inn at the Chapel and held their reception at one of their favorite restaurants Cassianos.  It was intimate and special.  I loved working with Jacquelyn, she was so sweet and easy going and just HAPPY to be getting married!  This wedding I did with my friend Amy Abbott!    Sara Richardson took these gorgeous photos.   xoxo

Click on the link to Sara's blog to see Jacquelyn & Anthony's pics:
Jacquelyn & Anthony's El Encanto Chapel Wedding

Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh how I love my bike

As a young girl we ALWAYS rode bikes, everywhere.  I also enjoyed riding in College.  It was just a year ago I got into riding again.  Me and the hubs started, I love that it is something that we do together.  We met a group of really great guys, I love them all.  They have become really great friends, although they may not know they push me to ride harder and keep up.  I am the only girl in our group.  Thanks boys for accepting me, supporting me, watching out for me and always wanting to ride (and have a recovery beer after)!

Riding keeps me sane, it makes me happy, it makes me feel strong and alive!

Buenavista, one of my favorite spots!

Some of my boys Juan (Chonchi), Valerio, Jorge, Chepe, me, Chopi & Roberto

Not as bad as it looks!  The jump was awesome.

Ruta Hummer with Ivan, Hector and Chopi

Barely finished, dying but thanks to my encouraging husband….I made it!  3rd place in my first race.

One of my favorite parts about riding, being with you.  xoxo

Friday, April 25, 2014

Little Details

It is the little details that complete the look!

I loved this simple look I did for Flora Farm.   And it smelled divine!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flora Farm Wedding for 100+

As you may notice, I am obsessed with Flora Farm.  It is my all time favorite #1 place to do anything, but most of all a wedding!  If I could do all of my events here I would….well I try to at least.    The event coordinator Erika is so easy to work with and the best at what she does, hands down, my fav!  Of course I had my one and only girl Pina on board for flowers and decor.  I loved working with Stacey and Milo pulling all the details together of their wedding.  It was so pretty!  So simple with the little details to complete the look.  Thank you Stacey and Milo, you guys are awesome!
Thank you Gabriela Mohar for the gorgeous pics!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Raddest wedding at Flora Farm

Justin and Michelle are the epitome of COOL!  This was by far my all time favorite wedding.  Surrounded by their awesome family and friends they celebrated at Flora Farms.  What an Incredible Day…..everything……the photo shoot at Wirikuta, the hilltop altar ceremony, the gorgeous southwestern inspired imperial table (thank you Michelle for the inspiration and Pina for bringing it to life),  the first dance is a story in itself (BEST EVER), the food and drink (hello farmaritas), the badass DjJ they brought in to spin 45's, the tattoo's and most of all the LOVE……the day exuded LOVE!!!

Enjoy the experience thanks to the most amazing photos by Matthew Brush,  Matthew you are the MAN!!!!!  Innovative, creative and CRAZY!!!!

I can't put into words what this experience meant to me.  Thank you Michelle and Justin.  I love you both eternally!  xoxo

P.S. - Watch the rad video that Eric Becker made:   CLEWBY in HD

Loved her boots and style

Obsessed with Michelle's crown

Pina killed it with this original paper flower backdrop

Best First Dance Ever…..Home is Wherever I'm With You
The whole wedding party joined in
More Happiness
It was the Best!

Love her tat… says it all…..This is my one and only life
Floras Farmaritas were a hit
Eric Becker Best video everrrrrrr.

Matthew Brush.  Your photos are insane!
Love you guys 4-ever & Always