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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Organic Farm to Table Birthday Celebration

Life should always be celebrated, especially when you turn 70.  I was honored to work together with Pina creating an organic heaven.  She is the most innovative, stylish, creative person I know.    Each table used a vegetable as a theme.  The Escort Cards also tied in to each table design.  I love everything she did, how could you not.  Oh how I wish I would have had more photos but this one is forever engrained in my memory.  Of course the festivities were held at Flora Farm, where else????
Thank you as always Pina for being you and also to Flora Farm for the one of a kind venue.

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The Kale Table
Genius Place Cards
The Sunflower Table.  All grown on the farm.

Purple Cabbage and fresh cut lettuce varieties

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