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Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh how I love my bike

As a young girl we ALWAYS rode bikes, everywhere.  I also enjoyed riding in College.  It was just a year ago I got into riding again.  Me and the hubs started, I love that it is something that we do together.  We met a group of really great guys, I love them all.  They have become really great friends, although they may not know they push me to ride harder and keep up.  I am the only girl in our group.  Thanks boys for accepting me, supporting me, watching out for me and always wanting to ride (and have a recovery beer after)!

Riding keeps me sane, it makes me happy, it makes me feel strong and alive!

Buenavista, one of my favorite spots!

Some of my boys Juan (Chonchi), Valerio, Jorge, Chepe, me, Chopi & Roberto

Not as bad as it looks!  The jump was awesome.

Ruta Hummer with Ivan, Hector and Chopi

Barely finished, dying but thanks to my encouraging husband….I made it!  3rd place in my first race.

One of my favorite parts about riding, being with you.  xoxo

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